Own Label Surf Wax

Make your brand stand out with our tried and tested cold water and cool water formulas.

Long lasting with great grip and easy to apply we have a great choice of colours and fragrances that make your product stand out from the crowd.

Warm water and tropical water grades are also available. Bespoke packaging is also available.

Ask us about our Eco surf wax and packaging options.

1875 Surf Waxes Own Label Surf Wax

What is Surfboard wax?

First of all, what is surfboard wax? It’s nothing short of essential if you are going to surf safely and successfully. This type of wax helps to provide a good grip, allowing a surfer to stay upright on their board and also paddle with ease. It may seem a shame to rub wax all over a shiny new surfboard, but if that board is ever going to see any action it has to be done! As leading surfboard wax suppliers, we know how important it is for surfers from all over the UK to be able to find wax that works for them in no time at all.

1875 Surf Waxes Own Label Surf Wax