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Surf Waxes Designed for UK Waters

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Surf Waxes Designed for UK Waters

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The UK has a great surfing scene, from Scotland to the South Coast. Of course, any surfer knows that if you want to have a great time out on the water, you need some great surfboard wax to hand.

Here at Poth Hille, we cater to the needs of surfers all over the country. Our range of surfboard wax for sale has been formulated with UK surfing in mind, and you are sure to find one that is suitable.

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Proudly made in the UK

What is Surfboard wax?

First of all, what is surfboard wax? It’s nothing short of essential if you are going to surf safely and successfully. This type of wax helps to provide a good grip, allowing a surfer to stay upright on their board and also paddle with ease. It may seem a shame to rub wax all over a shiny new surfboard, but if that board is ever going to see any action it has to be done! As leading surfboard wax suppliers, we know how important it is for surfers from all over the UK to be able to find wax that works for them in no time at all.

1875 Surf Waxes Surfer Waxing Board
1875 Surf Waxes Surfer Waxing Board

Why buy 1875 Surf Wax?

At 1875 Surf Wax by Poth Hille, we want to supply surfers with waxes that perform better than any of our competitors’, and also tick a number of other boxes too.

Eco friendly wax is something that we are passionate about, as we know that many surfers are keen to minimise the impact that their hobby (or in some cases, profession) has on the oceans. We love working with natural waxes and we want to promote the use of natural and environmentally friendly product.

What is it used for?

What is surfboard wax used for? Well, it is used to give surfers an appropriate amount of grip when out on the water. Without the wax, they would simply slide right off the board and back into the sea – hardly conducive to catching some great waves! A coating of high-quality surfboard wax will help them to stand up on their board, and also to stay on it while paddling.

All of the wax that we sell has been formulated to work in the cooler UK waters. You should always buy your wax from a trusted supplier within the UK, as ones designed for use in warmer waters overseas won’t be as effective.

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